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RC30 Fork-Cartridge !
RC 30 Cartridge System for OEM Fork
Finally done and realized:
A cartridge system for the RC30 fork, which can compete with the coming age of Aquarius - and transfer your RC30 Fork into the year 2013, due to the current knowledge of Hydraulics implemented. !

- The Hydraulic fine-Adjustment opportunities are based on latest knowledge.
- less Friction due to high-end-coatings
- less weight, so better response
- a very broad range of adjustment
- individual settings are possible (heavy to lightweigh-Rider, road to race)
- all OEM Fork internals will be removed
- keeps you on track
- including Fork Preload adjustment

In total a MUST for all, who (road and race) intensivly have their RC30 still in use !

As the lower Fork Section needs a slight machining inside, I recommend to send the Fork to me, so we can assemble the Fork for you. you also then could add some special Services, as coating, fine-grinding, overhaul and exchange of sleeves or sealings (please use the comment field then, when you do your order)

Price is including work/assembly, excluding back-shippng-costs, and maybe other special Services, as mentioned above.

Honda VFR 750 R / RC30 (All years) € 1,547.00 € 1,840.93