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You rack your Brain about how to save a couple of Ounces by buying a new front wheel ?

Hold on, here's the chance to save 3 and more Lbs - with Ceramic Matrix Carbon Brakediscs !!


  • Patented AXIS Design - featuring Direct-LinkĀ™ load transfer system
  • Not thermally sensitive (will work great on the street)
  • Ultra broad torque curve across a very wide thermal range
  • Much longer lasting than C/c
  • Much less expensive than C/c
  • Great wet weather performance - unlike C/c
  • Terrific feel and feedback at the lever
  • Strong braking performance? We mean, Really strong: +.6 mu average friction with special Ferodo Racing brake pads
  • Carriers are premium grade billet aluminum bar - not stamped plate aluminum
  • Hard-anodized to military grade specifications

Here's a very interesting Density-Chart:

The rotational Inertia of Brakediscs has a huge influence regarding cornering and accelaration of a Bike . So the new Ceramic Matrix Racing Brakediscs from Braketech - which weight only HALF of a OEM Brakedisc - are a Revolution . The Innovation here is driven to a Maximum, they do not even need to be heated to work ! This is the latest Innovation in Brakediscs-Technology , and the best is: the matching Brakepads from Ferodo are inexpensive, if you like to- check the Brakepads Category . Those Ceramic Matrix Brakediscs are available for most Sportsbikes , and close to or same weight as GP Carbon Brakediscs !