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The new Cobra full-floaters brakediscs from Braketech feature premium heat-treated 420 stainless steel in a newly optimized petal design that offers style and performance with none of the downside associated with conventional contoured type rotors. The patented AXIS Design bristles with many new and innovative features making them substantially stronger and with much improved thermal transfer capabilities and any other competitive brand.
The patented new Axis-Design floating concept is no longer carrying the load at braking throug the floaters, which leads it close to no wear of the floaters, and also into a way better heat transfer of the disc.

Lot of my customers do use the Braketech cobra stainless Steel rotors and they're totally satisfied.

The Hub is CNC machined from Billed, and not from stamped from sheet-aluminum, which leads into a real quality-look.
The weight is comparable with the OEM Rotors, but the looks is nicer at very competitive Pricing !