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The Revolution for side-mount Radiators : pressurize your Radiators with cool Air !
Learned that from my 999 Vx-Project, Temps will be lowered drastically .

Designed to fit at every RC51 and Superhawk.
At the Modelwork I've paid attention that those Ducts even fit with Fans ! A btw. Advantage: with Engine running but Bike stands still there's no heat-exchange from Engine/Frame/Headers to Radiator . The Maximum for your Bike !Available now , Carbon or Glass ,Weight : 230 gr (1/2 lbs) for both ducts .

The bang for the buck :
1. double to triple amount of Air, which can reach the Radiators, through maximum usage of available Space
2. the good feeling, that no heat can reach the Rads while you stand still .
3.the opportunity the reverse the rotation of the Fans ( simple inevert the 2 wires ) so that the Fans then will pump the Air from inside to outside, so now then there's a way higher efficiency of cooling through the fans during riding
4. no further necessary rebuilt except to relocate the horn (fix it at the Engine-starter-screw) and to remove the PAIR-hose (but I assume nearly everyone has already done this )
5.Makes front-rads nearly superflouos.
6: more Horsepower, considered from the point, that you do not loose HP through unnecessary heat .

The Maximum you can do to your Rads......to your Bike....to you.

Here the Logging Results from a Honda SP2 on track.
At 32 °C Air Temp with full throttle as much as possible the Airscoops cooled the Watertemp down to ~ 88 °C !