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Monocoque Tailsections are designed to carry the load of the Rider, so they don't need a subframe anymore. Therefore, because they are Tailsection and Subframe in one, they have the highest potential of weight saving of all Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts. Consider - a simple swap of only one Part can save up to 7 kg (more than 15 lbs). Only a full titanium exhaust System could achieve such a weight saving too.

Every Superbike and every GP Bike is equipped with a Monocoque Tailsection, but on Market they're hardly available.
The Reason is simple :
Lot of expense, Time, know-how and expensive Material is involved to fab such a Monocoque, but money wise you get more profit selling 5 simple FRP Tailsections instead of selling one Carbon-Monocoque.
But of course, for me and my Projects those kind of Tailsections are a Must, so that's why they're here available now.

But Note (and read the descriptons of the individual Motorcycle Section carefully, because I won't anwer Questions regarding something which is already meantioned here ):
Some of those Tailsection only work as a System in Combination with other Parts, and I CAN NOT give any Information , if a Combination with Bits from other Manufacturers (or even OEM Parts) is possible, because I do not know what others do or build.
That does not mean, that the Parts are not available as single Parts ( considered they're advertised as System ). Of course everything (Fueltanks, Tailsections, Fueltank-Cover) is available as single item, interesting for those maybe, who'd like to create their own Solutions based on i.E. one of my Tailsections.
But there are also available some Monocoques, which work as a direct swap as i.E. the Tailsections for Ducati 1098 or CBR600 /PC35.

Generally :
All my Monocoque Tailsections are built with one of the best Epoxy-resins on Market in conjunction with high-quality Carbonfabric of different waving , depending on the Structure /Design of the Tailsection.
At some exposed/crash-sensitive Spots I also use Carbon/Kevlar