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Meanwhile most Sportsbikes have a radial Master Cylinder from factory, so there are not a lot of Reasons to buy an aftermarket Radial Master.
It maybe a kind of my personal spleen only, but for me a radial Master cylinder needs to be CNC machined. I've to admitt, I do not really like Products made from cast, cast always looks like mass to me.

But there are still some real objective Reasons to go for an aftermarket radial Master to mention.
One is: ADJUSTABILTY of Stroke.
Only the ISR radial Master has the facility for continiously adjustable Stroke. An enormous advantage, because it offers the adjustment of an individual Balance between Handforce and Braking Power (for any kind of Caliper, aftermarket or OEM).
This ISR radial Brakemaster is made incredible clever and build in a modular way, so you can exchange the damaged part only in case of a crash.

PVM offers a 3 times adjustable stroke,which also fits in most individual cases, and they offer a foldable lever too, which in some cases of crash indeed can save the whole Unit.

PT radial Masters do have an other advantage - they're one of the most cheap radial Masters out there.
They appear here from a very simple Reason:
I like the looks, the machining and the colour. They look kinda military, sober and simple.
When i had to mount a radial Master cylinder at my 999V2 I have choosen the PT Radial Master (have had all the other radial Masters on stock here too), because it matched the appearance if the bike perfectly.
PT had problems in the past with sealing and Function which they have solved meanwhile. And the PT which I have on my 999V2 works now as all other Masters.... unobtrusive without any Probs.
Also available for the PT Master too - foldable Levers.