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For a wide range of Motorcycles I'm able meanwhile to provide customers with Files for Motec ECU's , and with configuration Files for EDL, SDL, and ADL 2, including configuration Files for Motec I2pro.

But of course, I'm far from knowing every Bike, every specific Sensor, each character of a OEM Sensor, so that's why I cannot send basic Files online. But I can assist, can give hints how to solve this or that Problem. I'm not a Information Center of Course, as I have - as most others too - to work to earn my Money, so this sharing of values, which have been developed within past 7 years is not for free.

However, is is not so complicated as you might think to set up an Engine properly, to calibrate the Sensors, to write a initial Setup for a free programmable ECU like the Motec ECU. But indeed - it's still serious work. But adjusting/programming everything for Injection/Ignition means talking about basics. If we proceed further, then it's getting complicated , from drive by wire to GPS adjusted Traction Control , corrected by values as Suspension positions or velocities, corrected by the Temps of the Tire..... or whatever.
I am not the one, who'sworking at a GP Level , therefore I do too many other things I've to take care of, but I ride what I program, and I permanently refine everything, and - I think.

And I do not stop thinking.

Whatever people may think about TC, whatever Magazines will write about TC. I do not care. Of course I read, and of course I listen to what know ledged people say ( sometimes hard to say if they're really knowledgeable ) , me and my friends we try it out. We do not hire any professional Rider to test the stuff, because lots of the Data come from professional Teams. I have NOT reinvented the Wheel, and it was NOT me, who first developed a working TC.
BUT ( as I just need a few Information's about how things work together, to understand the whole principle ) I've refined and adapted the TC to a couple of Motorcycles now with good/ very good results, and I'm even able to sophisticate it close to a level where WSBK may be.
I know it sounds strange, but the friends I have and those friends who help me do have that kind of knowledge, which - using that knowledge - will help me to reach that level.

We're talking about Physics here.
Physics are no Mystery.
It just needs - understanding.
And the ability to realize the tasks.