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Most of the fairings which are listed here are from own Production, and most of them are special.
I'm building fairings and Tailsection now since 15 years, and do have learned a lot during that Time. First lesson to was: using NO Polyester Resin, as it cracks very easy when bend only 15° . That's why I'm  using exlusivly on of the best Epoxy resins on Market, to ensure a Maximum of flexibility accompanied by a high dynamical resistance. and to make them light as possible I use a ultra-thin black gelcoat, which is at a thickness of ~ 0.05mm.
Most of my costomers which are racing or doing trackdays do not even paint the fairing, they simple leave it black, which - as I see it - is one of  best decisions, because the Epoxy-surface is incredible hard, and you've got a hard Time getting scratches into it.
Additional paint adds A LOT of weight, it nearly can DOUBLE the weight of a fairing, without making something better. permanently you've to care about your valuable paint, every scratch a Pain, working on the bike you've to be careful, when you remove the fairing you've to rack your brain where to store it safely... etc.
But of course its up to you .

The best Material for Fairings and Tailsections and hard racing/environment/usage Conditions : Carbon/Kevlar is the best choice of all, the best Mix between lightweight and dynamical strenght, very often repairable. Even hard crashes won't tear it in Pieces.
- Airboxes: Glassfiber or Carbon. Because they're not located in a crash-sensitive Area. The weight difference ( as they anyway do not weight much ) between Carbon and Glassfiber is not as high as you may think , usually between 100-400gr. , which is 0.22 - 0.88 lbs.