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2008 and the necessity to develop and to build an Airbox for a modern Sportsbike is - gone.
I've had a couple of 2007 Bikes Airboxes on the scale , they've been all in a range from 1400 - 1800 gr. , that's 3,09 - 3,97 lbs .Considering that whole lotta work for a weight saving of only 1,5 lbs maybe with a 10% increase of Volume, it does not really make sense to build an Airbox. Time is better spend somewhere else for me, money is better spend somewhere else for customers.
The Makers don't sleep and development of Materials is something which cannot rust, because it moves permanently. So if you own a new Twin or I4 , feel happy , in most cases there's no need for an aftermarket Airbox. Also considered Volume-wise, here the Manufacturers also have learned, meanwhile they squeeze out every Cubic-inch of  Space, which is available.

Honda SP / RC51 , CBR1000RR and some other Models- the Airbox there is somewhat 3kg total (6.6lbs), there it really made sense to construct something new and lighter. Here I gained real weight savings, up to 4.8 lbs.
Honda RC30 , Honda Hawk - they do not have something I'd name "Airbox" at all , they've had something like an Air filter Housing. So here I have developed Airboxes , with a Volume Increase of maybe 300% accompanied by a weight saving of roughly 50%, and significant more Power and better throttle response.

But of course, I think you'd never detect a pressed plastic-Airbox on a GP Bike, and I think too, that you will agree that a Carbon Airbox simple looks better. So that's why on my own Bikes you'd never detect a standard Airbox. But anyway for me the decision to build a Carbon Airbox was always easy - I had to build it, because all my own rebuilds don't work with a standard Airbox.