Cable Clutch Conversion RC51
  • Problems to get of the Line ?
  • Aching Hands at long rides or in traffic ?
  • Would you enjoy less handforce to declutch ?
  • Tired to bleed the Hydraulic ?
  • Or just want to save weight ?
  • Would you like to have an adjustable declutch-Stroke ?

  • Here it is, a very smart made declutch-stroke adjustable Cable Clutch, which can lower the Handforce up to 50 % !
    Exclusivly concepted by usage of roller and needle bearings with PTFE Sealings, to reduce the friction close to Zero.
    The clutch-sentiment is highly improved , comments :

    Lloyd Cooper Motorcycles (England) :

    ".....cable clutch is the best,coming out of hairpins so much feel,HRC should talk to you!"

    North valley Honda (on CBR1000RR) :

    "Thanks for getting these to us. We did put the CCC on one of our Superbikes for Laguna Seca and it did fix our problem of clutch grabbing on the racing start. We can now rev the bike to 8000rpm and slip the clutch to obtain a smooth start."

    The Cable clutch delivery content :
    1. Cable clutch mechanism
    2. Clutch-Line
    3. Clutch-Lever
    4. Carbon sprocket cover
    5. Pressure-rod

    Honda SP2 / RC51 (2002-2006) € 520.00 € 618.80