Racing Alternator System 170 W universal including light Rectifier
170 Watt Racing-Alternator universal, including superlight (90gr / 0.2 lbs) Rectifier.

- Rotor weights only 350gr or 0,68 lbs and has half of the most OEM Alternators diameter
- 75- 95 % reduced rotational Inertia is possible, depending on the OEM Alternator
- total weight loss from 0.8- 2.2 kg possible ( including the Rectifier-weight differences ) - most important: improved handling and better acceleration
Content of delivery: - Rotor and Stator universal
- Rectifier
- the OEM alternator cover of most common bikes can still be used, you need to machine your own adaptor.

The Rotor Measurements are:
- 80mm Diameter
- 26 to 20mm with / depending on how much Material you want to machine of grom the Rotor (mine is usually machined down to 20mm)
- central bore Diameter of the Rotor is 20mm, and can be machined to a max. of 25mm.

With 170 -180 W Power Output it's suitable at Carburator driven Bikes for Road and Race, and at Injector driven Bikes for Race only.

- the Engine spins up way quicker
- better acceleration
- better handling
- noticeable decreased Engine Braking at downshifting
- you can enter the corner LATER
- you can stay on the brakes LONGER
- you can accelerate out of the corner EARLIER

All makes and models € 398.00 € 473.62