Monocoque RC51/ SP Road & Race
Monocoque-Tailsection made of Carbon with Kevlar reinforcements, this Tailsectaion does not need any Subframe, because it is Tail and Subframe in one.

Here's a Picture from the HRC Unit.
I just reworked the Tailsection a bit to make it match the OEM RC51 ( check the further Information ), and improved it :
- the seat height is 2-4 cm higher (0.85 - 1.85" depending if you measure the seatpad height with or without rider)
- Extra stiff on the mounting spots and the seat is giving you a better feeling for the rear wheel.
- Max. weight saving - weight loose at 15 lbs
- Ability to place most of the electronics in the back, you've got to relocate only Battery, Ignition Coil, Rectifier and bank Angle Sensor. - It is optional for track and road due to a Carbon #-Plate/Blinkers Bracket and an integral Option fot Taillight
- Fits for all kinds of Exhaust-Systems (as for mounting spots).

Honda SP2 / RC51 (2002-2006) € 1,180.00 € 1,404.20