Airbox/Fueltank - Assy Honda SP/RC51

- Extreme weight saving
- Extreme lowered center of Gravity
- Extreme increase Airbox Volume

What is it all about

Well, I'm talking about 5 Items which belong together as a unit :

1: Carbon Airbox ( which is not the same type as those I offer for OEM-Fueltank)
2: Carbon Fueltank-dummy (which is close to 4" smaller than OEM, Airbox -Volume + 300%)
3:Carbon Subframe
4: Carbon Tailsection (especially shaped for my Subframe,2 Versions available)
5: The Underseat-Fueltank ( attached to the Subframe)

...those 5 Items together are at 9.3 lbs (for more:read below) , the capacity of the Undersat-Fueltank is 13.5 liters , which is enough for road (if you don't go for touring), and probably too much for trackdays (I only fill in 4.5 liters for a 18-19 minute Session on track) .

Half a year before Honda released their RC211 I already had finished this underseat-Fueltank, so not a copy of what they've done,just one thing 2000 has been clear as the sun : I DO NOT RIDE THE FUEL ON TOP !

Curious ?

Interested in more details... click here: Underseat Fueltank Assy Details

Honda SP2 / RC51 (2002-2006) € 3,277.31 € 3,900.00